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I cannot answer what is wrong, but what is wrong with you is something I wish to question.

Oct 2020


Imagine your life as a combination of little moments which coalesce into one whole being, a unique version of you in every second. But as a whole, how significant are you?

Apr 2019

Get educated, get a job, make money, get married, have children, act normal, obey the laws.

Feb 2019

Have you ever thought we were living with an oppressive and totalitarian government? No? Good! Come along as we explore the strange and dystopian world from the author George Orwell's novel 1984, however in a more happy and joyful way.

Mar & May 2018

 A realisation of our inner voice, letting go of the things that block us and we keep ignoring. With our busy lives, we forget to actually take the time to 'clean' them out of our systems. 

Apr 2019


 23 young dancers, different bodies, different minds. Each with their own history, hungry and nervous for dance-performance and understanding something about art and life. Let's open their box.

Oct 2019

'I need to make things. The physical interaction with the materials has a curative effect. I need the physical acting out, I need to have these objects in relation to my body.'

Apr & Jul 2019

Welcome to today's party, where etiquette, manners and formal relationships are the epitome of society. From wine glasses to elegant dresses, we lay witness to how with social stability comes chaos and all is not what it seems.

Mar 2018 & Feb 2019

 Intruders and invaders, these individuals shape themselves into the space and its edges.

Nov 2018

 In a kingdom where the stronger wins, rebellious acts happen that challenge the natural order of things, where once there was peace, now there's chaos and confrontation.

May 2018

Scare acting at the “UK's best scream park”

Oct 2017 & Oct 2018

A celebration in the pursuit of happiness and a tribute to power to the sound of Purcell and with a contemporary flavour.

Mar 2017

A 'tragedy of adolescence'. Loss of innocence, defiance of the authority of parents and teachers, discovery of sexuality, conflict between personal urges and social norms.

Jun 2016

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